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Foreign body in the nose

It is a known fact that children are naturally curious and often wonder how things work. In most cases, they show this curiosity by asking questions or exploring the world around them. One of the possible dangers of the curiosity of children is when they place foreign objects into their mouth, ears and nose. This […]

Prevalence of Sleep Apnea: How Important is Canadian First Aid?

For many, learning Canadian first aid is only ideal for people who are living in accident-prone areas or for people who are currently surrounded with friends or loved ones who have formally diagnosed and chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes or Myocardial Infarction. What they do not realize is that learning about Canadian first aid […]

Sports first aid for back strain

Professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts usually experience back strain as a common injury. Back strain usually occurs if one of the muscles supporting the spine is torn, twisted or pulled. Individuals engaged in sports that involve jumping such as volleyball and basketball are prone to the injury. Those who are overweight or have a history […]

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