Basic first aid and CPR training will prepare candidates to save victims of sudden medical emergencies. The biggest killer of Canadians is cardiovascular disease and injuries/accidents. Basic first aid training will teach participants how to recognize and care for patients of these emergencies as well as a number of other emergency conditions.

Variety of First Aid and CPR Courses

Canadians have a number of options when selecting the first aid course that they need. Customers have a number of different popular providers, each of which has dozens of training partners. Out of all the four major providers we strongly recommend St Mark James. St Mark James Training is the most experienced, highest quality, and largest provider in Canada whose training partners most often offer the lowest prices. St Mark James also offers the largest range of courses and gives candidates the most options when selecting first aid and/or CPR training.

Training Partners

We are partnered with a number of providers throughout Canada that meet our criteria as the premium provider in your region. Our workplace-approved first aid providers are located in Vancouver, Kelowna, Surrey, Calgary,

First Aid and CPR Training Classroom
Workplace-approved Training Classroom

Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. We have selected these providers as our training partners because of the following criteria:

  • Lowest and most affordable first aid, CPR and re-certification prices in the region.
  • Offers all workplace-approved courses as well as re-certification and private lessons.
  • Has welcoming, qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly staff and instructors.
  • Has conveniently located training centers and multiple training centers in larger municipalities.
  • Training centers are clean, well maintained, and offer a safe and comfortable learning environment.
  • Simple and convenient registration methods include having available staff during regular business hours.

Find a Provider Near You

The following is a list of all of the workplace-approved training and re-certification providers we are partnered with throughout Canada. Select your location from below for more information.

Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Providers in British Columbia

Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Providers in Alberta

Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Providers in Saskatchewan

Workplace ApprovedĀ First Aid and CPR Providers in Manitoba

Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Providers in Ontario

Workplace Approved Courses Providers in Nova Scotia

With all these criteria in mind, we have partnered with St Mark James training providers that scored the highest marks in these categories. To register with one of our first aid and CPR training providers select your location or city from the selection above or from the menu. That page will direct you to more information about the provider and a link to the training partners’ website where you can view the course dates, times, and locations that fit your schedule and register online, by phone, or through email.