Canadian First Aid Courses in Coquitlam

Basic Canadian First Aid course in Coquitlam
Take a basic Canadian First Aid and CPR course in Coquitlam with VFA and learn about circulatory and breathing emergencies.

Whether you need food safety training, mask fit testing, First Aid certification or re-certification, Vancouver First Aid (VFA) in Coquitlam is your best source. This popular provider has training centres throughout the Lower Mainland with a training centre in Coquitlam, B.C. that opened in the Summer of 2016. A huge range of courses is available through a number of providers including Food Safe Level 1, Lifesaving Society Courses and Heart, St Mark James Training and Stroke Foundation courses. Located near the TransCanada highway and the Lougheed highway the Coquitlam training centre is situated near many amenities including great access to public transit and nearby restaurants. VFA provides the largest amount, lowest priced Canadian first aid and CPR courses in Coquitlam, B.C.

Full List of Courses / Services Available in Coquitlam with VFA

The following is a list of courses available in Coquitlam by this Canadian First Aid provider.

  • OFA level 1
  • Basic First Aid
  • Intermediate First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid (OFA level 3 equivalent)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation basic life support
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation advanced cardiac life support
  • Pet first aid and CPR
  • 3M Qualitative Mask Fit Testing (1870, 1870+, and more)
  • Standard, emergency, childcare and babysitting first aid
  • CPR “A”, “C” and “HCP” stand-alone training
  • B.C. Centre of Disease Control approved food safe level 1 online and in-class examination course
  • Online Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Course (online)
  • On-Line Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Course (on-line)
  • First Aid Kit and AED sales and re-stocking
  • Standard first aid, CPR level “C” and health care provider CPR re-certification
  • Workplace safety audits

Registration for any of the above courses or inquiries about sales is available at the following location:

The Canadian First Aid Coquitlam training centre provides plenty of free parking for attendees as well as easy access to public transit with stops nearby and a 5-minute walk to the SkyTrain station. Lots of restaurants are located nearby for your lunch break as well! You can contact them using the following details:

What Topics Are Covered in A Basic Canadian First Aid and CPR Course?

Customers registered for the 8-hour basic Canadian First Aid and CPR course in Coquitlam will learn:

  • To recognize and manage unconscious adult, child and infant casualties
  • To recognize and manage non-breathing obstructed airway and non-obstructed airway victims
  • To recognize and manage fully and partially obstructed airway (choking) casualties
  • To recognize and manage broken bones, fractures and other skeletal injuries
  • To recognize and manage a variety of different wounds including contusions, abrasions and amputations
  • To recognize and manage a variety of different respiratory and circulatory emergencies including heart attacks, strokes, angina, TIA, hyperventilation and anaphylaxis
  • To recognize and manage shock

Learn these skills and more with hands-on training by taking a Canadian First Aid course in Coquitlam BC with VFA.