Prevalence of Sleep Apnea: How Important is Canadian First Aid?

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For many, learning Canadian first aid is only ideal for people who are living in accident-prone areas or for people who are currently surrounded with friends or loved ones who have formally diagnosed and chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes or Myocardial Infarction. What they do not realize is that learning about Canadian first aid can also help them save the lives of people who are suffering from sleep apnea, a very common yet mostly undiagnosed medical condition which can be lethal. This is why learning about the prevalence of sleep apnea in Canada is crucial in order to realize the importance of first aid. Here are some of the facts that are worth knowing about sleep apnea.

How common is sleep apnea in Canada?

Checking the victim for breathing
Checking the victim for breathing

According to the research that was conducted by Statistics Canada as a part of their Canadian Community Health Survey and was released by the Public Health Agency of Canada, more than 850, 000 Canadians who are 18 years old and above have sleep apnea based on a healthcare professional’s assessment. This means

that 3% of the total population of Canadians who are 18 years old and above suffer from this medical condition. This number does not include cases of undiagnosed sleep apnea in which some are not aware that they even have this medical condition. This means that the actual number of people who have sleep apnea in Canada can actually be more than 850, 000.

What are the health implications of sleep apnea?

In the same study, it was revealed that 25% of people who have sleep apnea rated their overall health condition as poor or fair. This rating can be related to the fact that adults who have sleep apnea most likely have other debilitating and chronic medical conditions such as heart problems, Diabetes and psychological conditions such as bipolar disorder. This rating may also be attributed to the fact that 89% of people who have sleep apnea are obese or overweight.

What is the benefit of first aid?

Even though first aid techniques are not designed to permanently cure sleep apnea, it can save the lives of people who are suddenly afflicted by it in the middle of the night or in other occasions and those who are suffering from other medical conditions that are related to sleep apnea. Knowing first aid ensures that sudden episodes of sleep apnea become less fatal and more manageable.

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