Canadian CPR Courses

Canadian CPR courses are offered either with first aid courses or in a stand-alone format. The CPR-only courses are designed for candidates that only need CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification. The combination of CPR and AED training can drastically increase the chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrest.

CPR Training Equipment for Canadian CPR courses
CPR Training Equipment: Pocket Mask

Candidates have the option of selecting from a variety of different levels when registering for a Canadian CPR course. All of the major providers offer the same levels of CPR training. If you are not sure what course you need for your workplace contact your employer for more information.

Candidates can choose from a variety of CPR levels when registering for a CPR course. The following is a list and description of the different CPR courses provided:

Different Level’s of CPR Training in Canada

CPR level “A”

This CPR course is the most basic CPR course available. It is a 3 to the 4-hour course in which candidates receive training on rescuing only adult and child victims. Re-certification courses are not available for this CPR level.

CPR level “B”

This CPR course is slowly being removed from the CPR program. CPR training has slowly become more simple and the difference in CPR between adults and children has been molded into one form of CPR. In other words, there is no difference in CPR between adults and children. CPR level “B” is a level defined by the fact that it offers CPR for adult and child victims. Since there is no difference CPR level “B” is equivalent to CPR level “A”.

CPR level “C”

This CPR course involves CPR for adult, child, and infant victims. It includes the same content as CPR level “A”, however, it includes CPR content for treating infants. This course is approximately 5 hours in length. Re-certification courses are available for this level.

How to Register for Canadian CPR courses

To register for a Canadian CPR course in your area visit our provider page to select your location and be directed to the leading workplace-approved provider near you.

Health Care Provider CPR (CPR “HCP”)

This CPR course is the most advanced level of CPR offered by the major providers. It includes all of the content offered in CPR levels “A” and “C” and includes two-person rescues, CPR on suspected spinal injuries, and the use of more advanced CPR equipment such as bag-valve masks. This course is 6 hours in length. Re-certification courses are available for this level.


All of the major CPR providers offer these courses. The major CPR providers include:

  • St Mark James Training
  • The Canadian Lifesaving Society
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • St. Johns Ambulance.

Certification in CPR and AED can give your resume a boost and increase your confidence. Learn the skills to save a life and take a “hands-on” CPR course near you.