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Caring for a sprained ankle

An ankle sprain is the tearing of the ligaments of the ankle. It usually happens on the lateral or outside area of the ankle. One or more ligaments on the outer side of the ankle are torn or stretched. Usually the ankle is rolled inward or inversion sprain or outward or the eversion sprain. An […]

Remedies for heel spurs

Heel spurs are small protruding accumulation of calcium deposits that develop near the base of the heel bone, due to repetitive activities such as dancing or running. Heel spurs causes heel pain and they are associated with plantar fasciitis which is a painful inflammation of the connective tissue of plantar fascia that is located at […]

Management of upper back pain

Upper back pain is usually caused by poor sitting position or standing posture or it can be a result of a minor trauma from performing exercises or playing sports. Symptoms of upper back pain A burning and sharp pain Sore to touch which indicates a strained muscle Stiffness and tightness of the muscle Weakness of […]

Healing of foot blisters

A foot blister is a small bump filled with fluid that occurs in the upper skin layer of the foot. It is caused by repeated rubbing or friction in one area, usually after walking long distances, performing repetitive movements, running and performing exercises. It can also caused by wearing old and ill fitting shoes. The […]

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