June 2014

bee sting

Medical Response To A Bee Sting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKJN8xOso78 A bee sting can usually trigger an allergic reaction of the body which is often mild and manageable. While these allergic reactions from a bee sting is highly treatable, many die because of anaphylactic reactions caused by the injected venom. Bees and other insects will not usually attack when left alone. But once they …

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Sore muscles

First Aid Management To Common Children Health Hazards

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqP6bDfFFfI Children are more susceptible to accidents because of their age. That is why parents need to be mindful concerning their child’s safety and health at all times. There are common adolescent health hazards that can cause a significant threat to a child’s health which includes drowning, poisoning and burns. This page will outline the common …

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First Aid for A Sunburn

Sunburns occur from the overexposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun or even sun lamps. In rare cases, some medications can trigger a severe hypersensitivity to sunlight. Another cause of sunburn is radioactivity caused by treatments. Most sunburns are mild and superficial. In severe cases, however, the affected person’s skin can be lobster red and blistering. You …

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electrical injury

First Aid for Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries occur when an electrical current passes through the body that causes inadvertent damage and burns to the internal organs thereby affecting their functions. Faulty electrical lines, machinery and appliances may result in an electrical injury. Others causes of electrical injuries may occur with contact with household wiring or power lines. There are a number of factors that …

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How to Care for A Tetanus Risk Wound

Tetanus is a condition caused by anaerobic bacterium known as Clostridium Tetani which gains entry into a person’s body, typically through an open wound. The bacteria will thrive in the person’s body and produce toxins that cause a disease. Tetanus sometimes develops after cuts with dirty, rusty objects or deep punctures from stepping on a …

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Handling A Case Of Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs are tiny insects that bite humans to drink their blood. Bedbug bites can be quite painful and uncomfortable, especially when taking into consideration that they lurk in mattresses and beds. However, handling the situation in a successful manner is still possible. You’ll be capable of getting rid of the parasites with some simple tips. …

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