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How To Treat A Concussion

Overview Of A Concussion Concussion is a minor form of TBI, also known as traumatic brain injury which disturbs the general functioning of your brain. The effects are generally short-term. They can include loss of perception or awareness, headache, and complications with concentration, memory, decisions, sense of balance and coordination. What Is The Cause Of A […]

How To Manage Breathing Difficulties

Overview Breathing difficulties also affect individuals who are very sensitive to some varieties of medications, nuts, shellfish and insect bites. These individuals can suffer an allergic response known as an anaphylactic shock. This reaction arises within minutes of exposure to the allergen which causes the allergy. Throughout this type of allergic response, the airways contract, […]

First Aid For Dislocations

Overview A dislocation occurs when the bone and the joint separate. Injuries connected to dislocations consist of damage to the membrane covering the joint, including tears to the ligaments and muscles. Causes of dislocations consist of: Injuries as a result of sports; Rheumatoid arthritis; Natural joint defects; Joints that are weakened by a past injury; […]

Skin Picking Disorder (Dermatillomania)

Skin Picking Disorder (SPD) is a psychological condition that is characterized by repetitive picking on one’s skin to the point of damage to the skin. Individuals with SPD cyclically pick, scratch, touch, rub or even dig into skin that they perceive to be imperfections or irregularities. These can include acne, moles, freckles, sores, pre-existing scabs […]

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