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Care for Various Wound Complications

The human body is designed to safeguard itself from various communicable pathogens and microorganisms. However, there are instances when the body is subjected to horrific injuries wherein the body simply cannot stabilize itself and must need immediate care for recovery. It is imperative that first aid rescuers must be able recognize serious injuries and provide […]


Bed-wetting may be a common problem in many households with young children, but it is usually not a cause of alarm. Bed-wetting does not mean that your child has not been properly toiler trained; it is a normal part of growing up in many children and can be dealt with very easily. Another name for […]

First Aid for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes refer to a condition in which the tears are not sufficient to provide moisture to the eyes. There are many reasons that may make tears inadequate. For example, a person with dry eyes may not produce sufficient tears or may produce tears that are not of good quality. Dry eyes are uncomfortable and […]

Foreign object in the eye

Cough Headaches

Cough headaches are just like normal headaches that occur due to coughing and other similar forms of straining such as from sneezing, laughing, blowing your nose, bending over, singing, or making a bowel movement. Medically, cough headaches are classified into two categories: primary cough headaches and secondary cough headaches. Primary cough headaches are harmless headaches […]