Important Information About Using Your Metered Dose Inhaler

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Inhaler For Asthmatic Patients
Inhaler For Asthmatic Patients

During First Aid emergencies, asthmatic patients will often result to using your metered dose inhaler in order to effectively deal with this condition. Abbreviated MDI, this is a gadget that works by making asthma medication available in the form of a spray. One of the most critical distinctions that is obvious about these gadgets is that they are metered, which means that the dosage you get is measured before inhalation. With these benefits however, it is important for patients to take proper care of their inhalers if they are to get quality service. This article focuses on some of the handy ways in which you can ensure that your MDI remains in great condition.

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–          Make sure that the MDI is kept from the reach of children to ensure that they do not get to take the medication. The ideal location, however, should not be too far off so that it is impossible to access the inhaler during an emergency.

–          Whenever you head to your physician, you must also make sure that you carry your inhaler with you to reduce the risk of drug-drug interaction. This will also give you an opportunity to show your physician how you go about using your metered dose inhaler.

–          Make sure that your metered dose inhaler is stored at room temperature. If temperatures are low, try to warm the inhaler by rubbing it between your hands. It is very important to make mention that you must NOT use any other method to warm the inhaler as this could cause puncturing of the canister with devastating consequences. In the same breath (no puns intended), you must make sure that you do not puncture the canister of the MDI.

–          At the onset of using the inhaler, make sure that you note somewhere the date so that you can keep track of your dosages.

–          Check the expiry date of the inhaler before you start using your metered dose inhaler.

–          If you are finding it hard to use the inhaler, make sure to ask your physician on the way forward. What’s more, if a particular product does not work for you, you could always ask for a different brand altogether.

–          Take note that a number of physicians will recommend the use of a spacer with your inhaler. The purpose for this is to make it easier to handle the inhaler. Some refer to the space as a holding device.

–          DO NOT dip the metal canister in water or attempt to clean it using water as this will destroy its functionality. As far as cleaning the other parts of the inhaler is concerned, use dry tissue with no fluff and get rid of any powder located on the inhaler.

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