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Skin Picking Disorder (Dermatillomania)

Skin Picking Disorder (SPD) is a psychological condition that is characterized by repetitive picking on one’s skin to the point of damage to the skin. Individuals with SPD cyclically pick, scratch, touch, rub or even dig into skin that they perceive to be imperfections or irregularities. These can include acne, moles, freckles, sores, pre-existing scabs […]

Hurricane: Before, During and After

A hurricane is a kind of severe tropical storm or tropical cyclone that brings about strong winds, intense rainfall, storm surges and floods. It typically results to catastrophic damage in large areas it strikes, mainly in the coastlines but also reaches hundred miles inland. It forms in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of […]

Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds are deeps wounds that have a small entry hole, which are typically caused by a pointed object penetrating the skin. A puncture wound is different from a cut, which is a small tearing in the skin that does not create a hole in the skin. Moreover, a puncture wound is generally narrower and […]