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How to treat sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is an inflammatory ailment that involves the sesamoid bones of the 1st matatarsophalangeal joint that cause forefoot pain especially during weight bearing. The sesamoid bones are small bones embedded in the tendon of the flexor hallucis brevis muscle under the bottom of the big toe. Symptoms of sesamoiditis Pain in forefoot especially with weight […]

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is also known as stenosing tenosynovitis which is a condition where one of the fingers gets stuck in a bent position. The finger can straighten with a snap similar to a trigger that is being pulled and released. Trigger finger happens when inflammation causes narrowing of the space found within the sheath that […]

How to treat a broken collarbone

A broken collarbone is common especially in children and young adults. The collarbone functions in connecting the upper part of the breastbone to the shoulder blade. A broken collarbone can be caused by falls, sports injuries and trauma caused by vehicular accidents. Infants can also be susceptible to a broken collarbone during the birth process. […]