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Learn Basic First AidNo one knows when and where an accident or an emergency can happen. It can occur in public spaces, workplaces, school and even in places you thought you were safe and secure.

According to the American Heart Association, more than half of the medical emergencies occur in residences. Unfortunately, only very few know how to manage acute medical conditions. If only every family has one person who knows how to provide basic first aid, mortalities due to medical emergencies can be significantly reduced. By learning first aid, you can help save the lives of your loved ones. Understanding the basics of first aid would not only benefit your loved ones, but also save countless lives in your community.

Why Choose St Mark James?

Most organizations today recognize the importance of basic first aid training for their staff in mitigating the consequences of accidents in the workplace. As such, more and more employers are including first aid training in their priorities. Besides the initiatives of employers, both government and non-government organizations, particularly the workplace approved, encourage individuals to participate first aid training courses that they offer. Every month the workplace approved conducts first aid trainings in various communities around the country. These training courses empower the communities so that they can manage whatever emergency situations arise.

In Canada, St Mark James is in the forefront when it comes to teaching and training the ordinary people on how to ensure safety and prevent injuries. This non-government, not-for-profit organization offers different training courses for all sectors of the community. They provide comprehensive first aid training for the workplace, programs for the youth, community emergency- and disaster-preparedness courses, as well as advanced and specialized first aid training for healthcare workers.

There are various training programs and courses that are intended for different people. You can contact the workplace approved chapter near you or through your online portal to learn more about these first aid training courses. There are also private organizations that offer first aid training programs for organizations and communities. All St Mark James programs comply with the latest international standards and guidelines.

workplace approved volunteers provide trainings in various parts of the country. More than 300,000 people complete first aid training courses through the St Mark James every year. After the first aid trainings, laypeople gain the knowledge, skills and confidence in handling accidents and emergency situations. They are better prepared on how to behave properly in case mishaps occur.

Understanding and learning first aid should be considered not as an option but rather an opportunity to save our loved ones and fellowmen. Learn how you can help prevent injuries, behave in and manage emergency situations, and ultimately save lives.

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