Tips for Choosing the Right First Aid Kit

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There are many reasons why you need to get a good first aid kit, but the interesting thing has to be in the way most people associate this with camping and expeditions. While first aid kits come in handy then, that is not the only time one needs to get a kit. Having one at home for instance, will certainly give you peace of mind by enabling you to attend to emergencies well prepared. When in the outdoors hiking or camping, nothing ensures that you have a worry free holiday like having a good kit to take care of injuries that can be addressed. So, with that in mind, how does one go about choosing the right first aid kit? Below are some handy tips that you could use to ensure you get it right.

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  • To start us off, it is important to know that for a┬ánew kit buyer, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to look out for. For this reason, a number of health organizations will usually provide a guide so that, depending on your needs, you know exactly what to be on the lookout for. Such a guide will not only provide you with a list if the items required for your first aid kit, they will also give the relevant quantities of the same.
  • Ensure that your kit is available in a waterproof container. This is so for obvious reasons, nothing like first aid supplies getting wet. Ziploc bags work just as fine, but if they get punctured then it beats any purpose.
  • Ensure that your supplies are in the right quantities in the kit at all times as this is part of been prepared for any emergencies.
  • In case you are faced with a situation where your supply may be cut off, as is the case in natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, ensure that you take supplies to cater for the long period of time.
  • When storing gauze pads in the first aid kit, be sure to fold them well. Avoid cutting it down to smaller pieces as this will make it harder to cover large wounds. It is also easier to cut large gauze pads to fit as opposed to forcing small gauze pads to cover injuries.
  • When packing dressings in the kit, choose to go with non-stick dressings for the simple reason that they make dressing easier. Use adhesive bandages instead as they also have the advantage of been light weight and simple to pack.
  • Ensure that your kit also has an emergency blanket. This blanket can be used to wrap injured persons as well as provide adequate shelter. In desperate times, it can be used to draw for attention.
  • Lastly, it is advisable that anyone looking to own a first aid kit chooses branded items. This almost always guarantees good quality of the products. You also need to check the expiry date indicated on the items.

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