What is a Neurogenic Bladder?

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The term neurogenic bladder is used to make reference to a bladder which does not function as normal owing to the damage to the nervous system that controls it. The function of the bladder is to hold and to get rid of urine in a coordinated manner. When this coordination is disrupted, it results in a malfunction of the bladder. Sometimes this is not due to neurological dysfunction but trauma injuries, both internal and external, as well as diseases of the bladder.

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What are the symptoms of neurogenic bladder?

  • Underactivity of the bladder.
  • Overactivity of the bladder and this is dependent on the specific site of the neurological malfunction.
  • Dysfunction of the urinary sphincter.
  • Improper coordination of the bladder functioning.

The ideal therapy for the treatment of a neurogenic bladder is dependent on the nature of the specific site where the neurologic insult is located. This is provided following diagnosis to establish the root cause of the bladder malfunctioning. Diagnosis is carried out carefully, taking into account the patient’s medical history as well as their current lifestyle. This will be achieved by way of using select radiography images.

What is the treatment for neurogenic bladder?

  • A neurogenic bladder may be treated surgically or non-surgically. In some cases, depending on the extent of damage, behavioral changes may come in very handy. Sometimes a combination of all these is required to ensure that a patient leads a normal lifestyle.
  • Absorbent products have proven to be helpful for individuals with this kind of a bladder. There is a criteria to choosing the right individuals for this type of therapy. For instance, individuals for whom the rest of the treatment options do not suffice as well as those who are disabled so that they are not able to engage in other behavioral therapy programs. Patients who are waiting to go for surgery as well as those for who surgical treatment is not an option.

These absorbent products are designed such that they absorb the urine and protect the patient from leakages. These products are available in two forms: reusable products as well as disposable ones. Due to the level of comfort that they offer, they are an ideal solution for handling a neurogenic bladder until a permanent approach for the individual is found. It is important for patients to note, however, that this approach should not be used in place of a lasting solution as it could hamper with the process of obtaining control over functioning of the same.


A neurogenic bladder need not be cause for one to lead a poor life as there are solutions at hand to ensure that one can easily improve the quality of their life. Reading widely will also furnish you with information that is relevant to the condition so that you are able to make the right choices. An informed choice means better quality life.

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