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Common Injuries – First Aid Topics For Kids

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Parents are all too aware that the moment their kids take the first step, this opens up a whole new world which comes with the risk of accidents. This is what makes it important to know what some of the first aid topics for kids are. Naturally, parents would want to ensure that they are there for their children, and while it is possible to actually watch over your child most of the time, it is impractical to be with them 100% of the time. Having information on common injuries will go a long way in giving you peace of mind as well as ensuring that you are well prepared for any emergencies that may arise. Below are some of the common injuries that you need to be aware of.

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The material posted on this page on common injuries for learning purposes only. To learn to manage bleeding, minor cuts, infections, burns, allergic reactions and other environmental emergencies sign up for a standard first aid course with one of our training providers.

How to handle a cut

Children will get cuts as they run about, so here are tips to handle this minor injury, but which has the capacity to escalate to something of greater magnitude. If the site of the cut is bleeding, press down firmly but not too hard. Use a clean piece of cloth to do this for 5 minutes. An integral part of this first aid involves running the cut under warm water and cleaning it. Use antibiotic cream over the cut and bandage the area. If bleeding remains uncontrolled, call for 911.


Part of the reason why burns are integral among first aid topics for kids is that kids tend to be curious, naturally. While this is a good thing because it helps them learn their immediate surroundings, it could also have devastating consequences as is the case when burns occur. When the child gets burned, immediately run the burned area under cold water (not using ice cubes). Cover the blisters with a bandage. If the burned area is brown, you may need to call the ER for medical professional help.

Bleeding Nose

A nose bleed is one of the most important first aid topics for kids for the simple reason that these are common occurrences. Instruct the child to sit upright, but not to lean their head backwards. Gently pinch the end of the nose and instruct the child to lean forward. Do not release the pressure for about 10 minutes as this could lengthen the period of nose bleeding. If the bleeding is persistent for more than 15 minutes, or is the result of trauma to the head, make sure you call 911.

Bleeding Nose
Learn to manage a bleeding nose by taking a basic first aid course.

Insect Stings

These are rather common, making it one of the ideal first aid topics for kids. If the stinger was left behind by the insect, you need to get rid of it without breaking it inside the skin. A pair of tweezers works well. If your child experiences labored breathing or has a swollen tongue call 911 immediately a[s this could be indicative of anaphylaxis, a very deadly allergic reaction.

Other important first aid topics for kids include eye injuries and splinters embedded in the skin.

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