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bee sting

Medical Response To A Bee Sting

A bee sting can usually trigger an allergic reaction of the body which is often mild and manageable. While these allergic reactions from a bee sting is highly treatable, many die because of anaphylactic reactions caused by the injected venom. Bees and other insects will not usually attack when left alone. But once they are […]

Handling A Case Of Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs are tiny insects that bite humans to drink their blood. Bedbug bites can be quite painful and uncomfortable, especially when taking into consideration that they lurk in mattresses and beds. However, handling the situation in a successful manner is still possible. You’ll be capable of getting rid of the parasites with some simple tips. […]

First Aid Care for Scorpion Stings and Tick Bites

Scorpions appear like miniature lobsters with lobster-like pinchers and long up-curved tails but with a poisonous stinger at its end. Presently there are several species of scorpions that inhibit all major continents around the world. The Bark Scorpion in North America accounts for the majority of reported scorpion stings in the region and is regarded […]