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Treating A Panic Attack

Causes of Panic Attacks Professionals aren’t certain what the causes of panic attacks are. But the body has a normal reaction when you are worried or in danger. It increases your heart beat, makes you breathe quicker, and gives you a lot of energy. This is known as the fight-or-flight reaction. It prepares you to […]

Treating Eye Injuries

Introduction When someone experiences an eye injury, this can either be a minor injury such as eye irritation, or a more severe one that can lead to loss of vision. Eye injuries can occur anywhere, including at your place of work, home, or on the sports field. The way your face is shaped helps to […]

Heart Attack Symptoms

Overview There are usually certain signs when a person experiences a heart attack. There are certain signs, included below, which can help you determine whether you are having a heart attack or not. However, a person doesn’t have to experience everything on this list for it to be a heart attack. In most instances, if […]

How To Treat A Common cold

Overview Of A Common Cold When a person gets a cold, this is often caused by a virus. However, this is usually nothing to be concerned with and will disappear on its own within a week or so. There are many viruses that can cause a cold, therefore, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what […]

Treating Someone For Shock

What is Shock? Any illness or injury can be accompanied by shock. Shock is a circulation problem where the body’s tissues do not get enough blood. If the shock gets bad enough, this can lead to unconsciousness or even death. Since there is often shock in an emergency situation, and because it can progress very […]

What Makes A Headache Serious?

Overview Of Headaches There are many reasons why a person may have a headache, and this is something that mostly everyone has suffered with at some point in their lives. In many cases, stress and anxiety are the root causes. Rarely is there something life threatening that is causing these headaches. There are several types […]

Treating Animal and Human Bites 

Introduction  Human and animal bites can become septic if they’re not evaluated and treated quickly. Animals have microorganisms in their mouths that can contaminate you if you’re bitten. Consequently, you should always get medical assistance except the wound is small. Bites from a human must always be evaluated by a healthcare expert, as the risk of infections […]

Treating A Sprain To The Foot

Overview A sprained foot is more widespread than fractures and breaks. Any slight injuries to the foot can result in a sprain. A sprain is damage to the joint that results in a tendon which gets twisted or stretched too far. It is vital to know the first aid procedure for a sprained foot and how […]

Treating A Blow To The Head

Overview Injuries sustained to the head should always be taken seriously as there might be harm to the brain. At times, this damage might not be clear for hours after the injury takes place. Cracked skulls, brain compressions and concussions are tricky for a first aider to verify, and therefore, all injuries sustained to the […]

Applying First Aid For A Head Injury

Overview Of A Head Trauma Head trauma is a wound that distresses the skull and/or the brain Injuries sustained to the head can be minor or very severe Injuries to the head can be classified as either ‘closed’ or ‘penetrating’ ‘Closed’ injuries – when the head smashes against a blunt item Closed injuries often result in a […]