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Remedies for shin splints

Shin splints are sports injuries that happen due to overexerting of the body especially running exercises. Pain can be felt along the tibia caused by swelling of the muscles or even a stress fracture. Shin splints is also called medial tibial stress syndrome which happens in athletes who intensify or change their training routines. This […]

How to relieve tiredness

Tiredness is also called as fatigue or weariness in which there is lack of energy or motivation. Physical and mental conditions can cause tiredness, infections and sleep disorders. Feeling tired once in while after performing strenous work is normal, but feeling tired and fatigued all the time even without doing any activities can be an […]

How to deal with a barometric pressure headache

A barometric pressure headache is triggered by changes in the pressure of the atmosphere. The barometric pressure is air pressure which changes depending on the weather condition or altitude. The headaches can be classified into non-migraine and migraine-type which depends on the symptoms and sensitivity of pain which varies from person to person. It also […]

Treatment of neck rashes in babies

Skin rashes are common in young babies. They are white bumps that look similar to a pimple or a rash that looks like hives or yellowish skin caused by jaundice. This condition is normal and eventually improves without treatment. Causes of neck rashes The skin folds are susceptible to rashes since the baby is not […]

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